I am an experienced individual offering my services for server management, systems administration, ddos mitigation setups and more.

f you are looking for a reliable admin who can get things done right the first time without
playing ticket tag or having some big fiasco we can help you!
USA Based offering 24/7 on call support via email, ticket and phone/sms for emergencies.

If you are a new web host or established one looking to offer new products then I can help. We all know budget hosting is hard to sell these days with all the competition, I can help you find a niche where you can sell profitable services with a fraction of the competition. Can help setup site text and content, marketing and much more.

Very experienced and knowledgeable, there is no problem or issue that cannot be solved!

Services such as:

Media Site/Server Setup
File Server/Site Setup
Server Clusters or HAC Setups
Optimization and Tuning
Server Security and Hardening
DdoS Mitigation and Protection
High Traffic/High Stress Server Environments
Complete Project Deployment and Consultation Services
Web Hosting Server Setups and Management
Hosting Business Consultation, Launching and Marketing
Server Administration and Management
Outsourced Level 2 and Level 3 Tech Support
Internet Legal Services such as DMCA counter notices and compliance
And Much More! If it is anything dealing with websites, servers and internet presence we can help you!

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yahoo – secureservertech
skype – felosij