Friend of mine asked to repost this :

Hi guys,

My name is Jan Kubesa and as you may know I opened here on MMD free coaching for 2 people some time ago. I had awesome response so I accepted not 2 but 4 great guys. Today I am opening new coaching group. Here are the details:
1. What will you learn:
There are 3 areas I will coach you on: partnerships (I am partner of Microsoft, IBM, etc.), product creation (from product research to running whole series of products), marketing (CPA, PPC, PPV, solo ads, free traffic, everything marketing related).
2. What will coaching looks like:
We will have calls on Skype and webinars every few days, you will also get my private cell phone so you can call me 24/7 .
3. Who can join:
Everyone who will send email asking for spot in my coaching program to (send me some information about yourself, why shoud I work with you and your skype id) and ad me on skype (my username is jankubesa)
4. What is the catch (how much does it cost)
It is free to join. You just need to send me your request and I have to accept you, that's it. Keep in mind that you will need about 50 dollars to setup your webhosting, autoresponder, merchant account, etc. I will give you all resources you need after you join, so don't buy anything yet.

Its great opportunity for noobs who try to earn some money