We are currently in need of a logo for our new website YouTube Success Guide. The website is basically like a guidebook to gaining momentum and success on the popular video sharing website, YouTube. Below is the rules and notes for the contests:

- The logo has to go well with the blue banner on the top of the page; http://www.youtubesuccessguide.com/ (it will be on top of the blue, so it itself should not be blue)
- It needs to be professional and not animated and kid like
- It should be somewhat horizontal in design (not a perfect square)
- The background to it should be transparent so on the website it is not a "white box" on top of the blue
- We need the vector format and .psd
- Winner gets $50
- 100% feedback
- Use watermarks if you want and try to put the logos in the forum not in a message if you can
- ***Winner can also receive more work if they are interested in it
- ***Second place will receive $20 as well
- Have fun with it!