This contest is for a Wordpress theme design, including coding the site into a Wordpress theme.

Please only bid if you can do this.

The design is for a site that will be promoting boiler quotes... Like these:

Basically, a nice graphical header, with related imagery. The header should not be too big, as we want lots of content on the page.

The form shown on this website - needs to be shown 'above the fold' on the page, or at least the first part of it does.

The main aim of the site is to get people to fill in the form on the page, so that is very important. So please think about this as a similar design to a high converting PPC page ;)

However, we also want some content areas above and below the fold...

So, a small content area next to the form (bullet point list for bullet points with marketing messages) , and a much larger content area below the form.

I look forward to your designs!