Hey guys names Simon.

Got recommended this forum by a friend who has been in the SEO/online game for a number of years now.

I've always dabbled with computers and websites etc from a young age, until the age of about 17 then lost interest and got into cars and holidays etc. Now i'm 22, working my ass off and thought i'd try to make some extra money online..

I have set up one website, which i'm currently adding content too every now and again, i'm not exactly sure how Google is seeing the site, but when I log into my google webmaster tools the page, the Impressions are starting to grow and so are the Clicks.. not by much.. But still must be a good sign?

I guess alot of people try and fail, so i'm here just to read up mainly as I guess you get alot of new guys asking a number of questions that have been answered a number of times. So hopefully I will find my answers, if not i'll ask.

One question i'd like to get out the way is.. One thought I had on my site was using some type of eBay adverts.. as there are lots of parts for sale that i talk about on my website.. I tried to sign up for eBay partnership program (iirc i think) but got declined, did I sign up for the wrong thing.. is there anyway I can display an advert with eBay listings/auctions people can click through and I can make some money.. couldn't see anything on the website.

Cheers guys Simon.