I need seo done for a site that's still new. It's a niche listings/ecommerce site.

And i need to make a hiring decision for this - whether there's a need for a full time employee dedicated to seo or is part time or a contract sufficient?

Here's some info and assumptions :

1)The site's dynamic - so perhaps all ON PAGE SEO - keyword research, page title, meta tags etc. could be built in programatically and is perhaps ONE TIME EFFORT.

2)Most(perhaps not all) ON PAGE SEO is taken care at the start or initially so doesn't need much time devotion later.

3)Most ON PAGE SEO for a DYNAMIC site is a programmer's job(as probably a seo employee doesn't understand programming) with some assistance from a seo employee for KEYWORD RESEARCH etc. So once built into the software, it DOESN'T NEED much effort on part of the seo employee in the later stages.

4)OFF PAGE SEO IS really where the seo employee would really spend most of his/her time - like build some links, write articles/blogs, directory submissions etc.

So considering that there's just 1 site and that most effort for the seo employee is concenterated on OFF PAGE SEO, do i really need to hire someone Full Time?

You're most welcome to add your own views and perspectives to this. It might help someone else as well in the future in their hiring decision.