[WTB] MLM alike script, but with auto points credited

Hi, im looking for actually a quite simple script that:

Function Part 1:
  • Admin need to register members (paid members)
  • Admin add to each members' account with 100 points let say (initially)
  • And every 1 hour, 1 points will be credited (added) automatically to the user account (or to make it easier, in one day, user will able to see in their account that he received 24points everyday, until reached 1000points)
  • Until 1000 points generated (means after 1000 hours), the system will stop adding the points to the account
Function Part 2:
  • Now let say we have 5 Rank/types of members: Silver, Gold, Diamond, VIP, VVIP
  • Difference for each rank is they have their own limit of points withdrawal. ex: Silver 120p, Gold 150 points, Diamond 200points & so on
  • And Silver member can cashout 120points without need to get downline, but like Gold member he need to get 1 downline to be able to cashout 150points, and Diamond member need to get 2 downline so he can withdraw 200 points let say & so on
  • And the money making system will STOP here! (if any member want to make more money/points, he have no chance other than to create new account, thats all, simple rite?)
So basically the system/script must have:
  1. Admin login
  2. User login
  3. Admin can add/delete/edit users,add/edit/del points, assign Rank to member
  4. User canot register themselves, only admin can register for them
  5. User/member details must have: Name, Phone, Email, Address, Referer, Bank Name, Acc Number only.
  6. User function is: He can view the current points, Edit some details like Address n Phone n Bank dtails, & Request Payout/Withdrawal points only, thats all
  7. i need homepage interface like Login page to the system only, no need like normal web layout, but must clean,simple n uptodate design
Basically this is quite basic script. I dont know if this script already exist out there.
But if anyone wanna programming on their own also can offer me how much lowest cost for this. This is longterm project for me & my partner, u can also join me if u want.
Hope we can work it out!


[WTB] MLM alike script, but with auto points credited