[WTS] FPSWin.com - Gaming Site -At Least 8000 Uniques A Month - 100-300 Visits A Day - PR2

Hi, i am the owner of FPSWin.com and i am here to sell the gaming site. Hopefully the info below should be enough to answer your questions, also please, if you have any questions go ahead and pm me and i will be glad to answer them.


December was the first month the site went online and actually had some content, the main way the site gets traffic is by me writing news stories and then submitting it to a gaming news aggregator called N4G.com, if i submit an important piece of news or a controversial article piece and it gets approved by the users there it would get anywhere from 100 to 4000 visitors in a day, its mor likely to be higher than 100.

Here are the analytics for the month of December, the reason search engine traffic is so low is because tha site wasnt well known therefore no one would find us especially in such a competitive niche as gaming news.

The website did quite well in the ad network sector in the month of December, it made $125 on its own with just advertising from the ad network. The ad network used was contextweb.com, i do not use Google Adsense because of complications however you can rest assured that the site is not Google Adsense banned and also that Context Web does not show ads to all countries, it only shows ads to the UK, Canada and the US therefore the fill rate is low so if you were to have Adsense then you would have potentially made more money in that month.


in the month os January i was very busy with many other things therefore the traffic reduced, however the profit was quite large.

As you can see the search engine traffic increased, this is because the site was becoming well-known.

The revenue in January is different from December, instead i removed the ads from the ad network and sold ads on the Digitalpoint Forum, from this i was able to sell 2 250×250 ads and 2 125×125 ads. The 250×250 ads went for $140 for 3 months and the 125×125 went for around $50-$70 for 3 Months, these rates could be increased since the site has a very good Alexa rank and a 2 Pagerank therefore i belive that you could make back the amount the site cost by selling 2 250×250 ads on the site for a whole year.

So in total for January i made $400 from the advertisements.

The website now has a 2 Page rank which could influence more search engine traffic.

Now a days I do not update the site and it still receives around 200-500 page views on its own from the links on the gaming news aggregator and also from the internet and maybe even direct traffic.

The site also has 91 Facebook fans and 32 Twitter followers.

If you buy the site this is what you will get:

The Website.
The Domain.
The Twitter Account.
The Facebook Account.
I Will Transfer The Site For You If You Want.

Sadly i cannot include anymore images therefore i would like to refer you to this page here which will send you to the the website with more info and images.

This Site Is Available For $800 Or Offer, Please PM Me If You Are Interested In Buying The Site or Have Any Questions.

[WTS] FPSWin.com - Gaming Site -At Least 8000 Uniques A Month - 100-300 Visits A Day - PR2