Need a FORUM POSTER for a car forum!!

I need 210 posts on a car forum

The requirements:

10 Users need to be registered with different emails and aliases.
20 Posts per user for 1 week, remainder 10 posts to be posted the day after (8th day).

My clients requirements (in regards to each post):

"I need forum posting service to populate and bulld up content on my new car wheel forum. I want images posted as well in each section. Image can be grabbed from the net or other forums as well."

"I am looking for cars with aftermarket wheels and beautiful photography, and brief content - more so description of the car/wheels. I also don't mind a small fraction of just nice cars/photography in the respective forums."

"Regarding images and content, you can totally grab it from and and"

"We want to fill in a lot of the categories by car and aftermarket wheel/and/or modifications."

I'm not a car buff, so I hope you understand this? The client made it clear it was really about the cars with aftermarket rims!

If you have any questions before you start just ask. The 210 posts equals $42.

Would you be willing to accept this and take the job on?

Kind Regards,


Need a FORUM POSTER for a car forum!!