the bitcoin checkout solution

I noticed that MtGox did not have a thread yet, so I thought I'd support them since they support the Bitcoin movement

They launched a payment solution last month:


A little more about Mt.Gox checkout:

Transactions are ridiculously free
Customers can pay in BTC from their Bitcoin program (6 confirmations)
Mt.Gox account holders can pay from their Mt.Gox accounts, allowing for instant checkout (and impulse buys, oh my’s)
Pay instantly via Mt.Gox Mobile’s QR scanner (great for people who don’t want to pay from their office workstation!)
Split payment capabilities: Wanna go halfers with your buddy on alpaca you can!
Partial payments: If you don’t have enough in your bitcoin program, you can top off the payment with your Mt.Gox BTC balance (or vice versa)
(Soon) Bitcoin prices are displayed in real-time relative to the merchants listed price in a traditional currency (USD, EUR, etc.)
(Soon) An instant trade-on-receipt function that cashes out bitcoins in 1 of 16 currencies
(Soon) Easily embed the “Mt.Gox Checkout” button into your existing checkout page.

I noticed there's a lot of Indians on this website that can't use paypal. This should interest you. the bitcoin checkout solution