[WTS] Quality 3000 * 6000 Directory Submissions

Looking for Directory Submissions ONLY for my client.

Need this listing will CLOSE in 48hrs of the listing being posted.

All should be submissions

Paying as follows:

3000 = $10
6000 = $15

Below is dependant on how many submissions you are doing.

I need unlimited Titles, although these will probably be kept to NO MORE than 15 titles

I need Unlimited Descriptions, again prob NO MORE than 10

Lastly I need Unlimited Keywords, these will be bundled keywords of groups NO MORE than 15

I would like, depending on quantity of submissions, the submissions to be spread over a period of 1-4 days - depending on how many directory submissions you are going to do.

Payment via Paypal

[WTS] Quality 3000 * 6000 Directory Submissions