[WTB] $35 Logo Contest - 24 Hours - DJ / Music Community with Possible Bonus!

Hi Dp'rs

It's been a while. Back once again with a contest that I think you will all like ;)

I am starting a new concept site for the Dance music / DJ community. - The site is www [dot] DesertIslandDecks [dot] com (Please translate [dot] to . )

A logo is required that is themed around a DJ and his/her decks playing on a desert Island. DJ Silhouette's I think work best. Against colourful Desert Island, needs to be bright / funky / pastels / retro / modern. Colours used will be the basis of the eventual site theme and template. No Dark themes please.
Think HedKandi without the beautiful vector ladies.

The background must be scalable as it will be used on the landing page until the site is up and running

Important Points.
  • No crowd should be shown. The DJ is on a deserted island after all :)
  • No direct copies of this Image of Desert Island Disks.
  • The text for the www. & .com must be on a seperate layer to the logo. - For easy removal and changing to other TLD's - Please dont use an obscure font that I cant find. Google Fonts are preferred. Full details of font used must be supplied at contest closure.
  • End file format should be in layered PSD.
  • Should look good in web and in print and be scalable.
A Bonus payment of $15 will go to the winner if they deliver a suitable Favicon & Avatar (One suitable for Twitter / Facebook / Google+ etc)

24 hours from now - Sunday 15th April 21:45 (CET) (Extension only if nothing suitable)

Prompt payment Via PayPal.

Cheers & Good Luck,

P.S. Please do not submit entries via PM.

[WTB] $35 Logo Contest - 24 Hours - DJ / Music Community with Possible Bonus!