[WTB] Redesigning of our website (html/php)

Hello DP.

This is NOT a call to all of you webdesigners out there, just a heads up to the top ones.

We are looking for a.. umm.. let's say template.. A page that we can build forth from ourselves.

But it still needs to be designed :)

Our site as it is now is a well known site called BuyUniqueHits.com and we feel that it might be time to change our design/layout.

What I want is simple.

1. A business index.html/php
2. No alters in H tags or texts on index page
3. Attractive homepage
4. "Our colors"
5. Fast code, meaning no heavy scripts.
6. Exactly the same text as we have in our index, same links same bolds and so on..
7. HTML or PHP coder
8. We know the pricing in the webdesigning business, no hassle..

And... Do NOT SPAM ME with emails/PM's here, send your quote from our contact page.. Mark the message with "design"

We might have other projects available if the price is right....



[WTB] Redesigning of our website (html/php)