[WTS] BestTechnology.org PR2 For Sale

First off BestTechnology.org is one of the most premium domains out there. The domain itself if listed on Godaddy.com would retail $2,500.00. I bought the site around two years. It is a website that I blog technology reviews on daily to weekly ranging from anything tech. It has grown alot this past year since I had it redesigned everything custom (You can change the background daily to anything you want). The logo rights and everything is copyrighted in your name. It has the potential to be a Wired website or gizmode tech site with more marketing. I chose not to ever market it and just get organic traffic. Best Technology.org comes with a forum and live chat for users. It also comes with a detailed authors list labeled as contribute. It runs on WordPress which can be learned. All the authors now will stay with the site free of charge if you want them. I make around $10 a month based on affiliates and adbrite.

The site ranks number one in Bingm, yahoo and google under the keywords "best technology". It also ranks number one first page under the keywords "best tech". Most of my traffic is organic from Google but alot from Bing and Yahoo. Everything is organic traffic. If I had money to put into marketing no doubt this site would make around $100 a month.

I must sell the website now due to economic situation.

If you need me for the next few months to get used to it no problem I can do that.

The website has until July 15th 2014 all payed for until you have to renew it (That cost around $300.00 to do). It renews every year automatically but you wont have to pay anything until 2014. Just check with the host I give you which all runs on the latest C Panel. Unlimited disk space with this host.

The buyer will have the website transferred over to them the same day over the internet.

The traffic is around 13,000 a month uniques http://i43.tinypic.com/17d89s.png

The traffic in the past: http://i44.tinypic.com/241l306.png

Earnings proof: http://i40.tinypic.com/qy5u9e.png

Mostly Organic Traffic: http://i43.tinypic.com/fm5g81.jpg

[WTS] BestTechnology.org PR2 For Sale