[WTS] Traffik Buster - Amazing Traffic System [Limited Copies Available]

TRAFFIK BUSTER is today's leading Social Media Traffic Generating Tool
After the Big G's latest updates SEO has become a headache.
So we decided to create a ALL-In-One tool.

Here You Will Find Proof Of Traffic, Videos, Earnings All Created Using TRAFFIK BUSTER.

It's very clear to see when we stopped TRAFFIK BUSTER!


  • Follow Buster - Will Send A Custom Msg To All Followers From Any Account. Example: Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) op Twitter[/URL]
  • Keyword Buster- Send Custom Msg To Anyone Tweeting Your Set Keywords!
  • Pin Buster - Pin Your Sites/Images to Pintrest with A Custom Msg
  • Trend Buster - Our Most Used Module, Use The Power Of Trending Topic's To Drive Thousands Of Unique Hits To Your Sites Every Hour. This Module Will Build Accounts, Customize The Account Image, Bio Location, Then Use Each Account To Post Your Selected Tweets With The Current Trending Topics (Country Targeted) To Drive A Great Deal of Traffic.
  • Traffik Buster Is An Automated Tool Built To Generate Traffic To Your Websites/Blogs/Landing Pages/Squeeze Pages/Twitter Apps/FaceBook Apps Fan Pages/Referral Links/Aff Links/Youtube Videos Or Any Other Type Of Link/Msg You Want To Drive Traffic To.
  • Our Misson Is To Bring Our Customers One Software That Will Drive Automated Traffic From A Number Of Sources. We Will Continue To Add More More Modules To TRAFFIK BUSTER, Helping You Drive Traffic From Some Of The Best Traffic Sources On The Net. We Encourage Our Customers To Give Us Idea's, So We Can Keep TRAFFIK BUSTER Ahead Of The Game.
  • Our Support Is Will Stay Above The Game, We Will Only Sell A Limited Amount Of Copies Of TRAFFIK BUSTER, To Ensure That We Don't Get Over Loaded With Clients. Making It That Much Easier To Provide One On One Support W/O You Having To Wait Days For Us To Track Tickets From Thousands Of Customers.
  • Traffik Buster Now Gives You The Option To Use Three Threads Or If You Have A Stronger System You Can Run Ten Threads. This Will Drastically Change The Amount Of Traffic. But Even In The Development Stages One Thread Generated Over 1k Unique Hits Per Hour. You Also Have The Option To Send Traffic To Multiple URL's In Your Campaign

  • An Account With One Of The Following Deathbycaptcha, Bypasscaptcha Decaptcha is necessary to run. Traffik Buster Will NOT Work Without A Account From One Of These Captcha Services. Please Make Sure You Have An Account With Funds Before You Buy.

  1. Question: Any Type Of Discount For MMD?
    Answer: Were Sorry, But This Would Not Be Right For The Rest of Our Customers. (note limited copies will be sold)
  2. Question: How Many Computers Can I Run Your Software On With One License?
    Answer: We Only Allow Our Software To Run On ONE Computer Per License.
  3. Question: What Operating System Will Your Software Work On?
    Answer: Currently Our Software will work on XP Above (Windows based, Will Work In Newer VMware. We have Mac Customers)
  4. Question: What Is The Success Rate Of The Twitter Account Profile Picture Being Updated?
    Answer: The Current Success Rate Is Around %82, This Depends On Twitters Server Overload.
  5. Question: Why Am I Getting A 403 Error Running 10 Threads?
    Answer: You Need To Switch Back To 3 Threads, Change IP (VPN if possible)
  6. Question: What VPN Service Do You Recommend If Needed?
    Answer: We Recommend You Use HideMyAss VPN, It's Very Cheap Reliable. (VPN is NOT needed, Just Helps Avoid Twitters Temp ban)
  7. Question: Does Your Software Work With CatchaSniper?
    Answer: As Of Rite Now No, This Is Only Because CaptchaSniper Does Not Support Twitter ATM. Once The Get Their Twitter Module Added, It Will Work Great With Traffik Buster!

Please Feel Free To Ask Questions Via PM Or On The Thread.
After Your A Customer You Get More Support Contacts.

Skype Id: moviedemands


Reviews can be seen @ http://bit.ly/I7vJVu

Earnings Disclaimer (Please Read):
Traffik Buster is a TRAFFIC TOOL, We do NOT promise any type of earnings from this software.
This is NOT a get rich quick type of software, None the less if you understand how to monetize your traffic
Then you will have no problems earning with the traffic the software can generate.
We are simply selling you a tool to generate traffic, we are not teaching you any methods, or giving you any guides
that will help you earn from our software.

Terms Of Use (Please Read):
We are NOT reliable for the use of this software.
We will NOT be held responsible for anything done with this software.
If you purchase Traffik Buster You Agree To These Terms Of Use.

[WTS] Traffik Buster - Amazing Traffic System [Limited Copies Available]