[WTS] 126 hot niche ebooks & 140k PLR articles (over 1/2 GB!)
from: Cheap Stuff

I've got an amazing collection of PLR articles what are in arious different niche's and enough to autoblog with for months (if not years!) There's too many niche's to mention here but rest assured, you're bound to find what you're looking for in this pack! I also have a 126 Ebook niche pack which will also help you on your way.

The ebook pack in particular is simply stunning and each book has many pages so isn't just your average 4 page ebook! They come with an area where you can add your own Clickbank etc branding so you could mke even more money from this than the collection is being sold for. Plus you can either split the book up to make individual articles or add them for download as a bonus or special report for your niche readers.

To buy this package normally would cost you around $50 easily for the ebooks alone. The 140k PLR article is basically a bonus to the ebook package so you basically have an amazing deal here and will easily make your money back if that's the route you're going. The total size of the whole package once unrared is 629Mb so it is a huge collection!

Because of this I can't upload it to any auto payment processing places as it's 500Mb in size when rar'd so i've had to upload it to file hosting places. If you buy this nd you can't download it for any reason then let me know which places you can download it from and i'll upload it to there for you.

The price for this massive collection is $4 payable by paypal only. If however all you're interested in is the ebooks or the PLR articles then I will sell them seperately for $2.50 each pack.

For more information either post here (preferable so that the thread stays alive for others to see) and/or PM me for payment details. Once payment has been received I will give you the download link unless you need it uploaded somewhere else which will take me approx 1-2 hours due to the packs size.

Please note that there is NO review copies available 1 due to size, 2 due to the amount of stuff involved and 3 because it's cheap enough that any cheapskate can afford and is more than worth what i'm asking for it by a HUGE margin!

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope that some of us can do business with each other.

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