The most bad experience in your life if you tried ""
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Hello DP community,
I faced the most bad experience in my web life with the site : for shortened urls and advertisement:

I have a website that I thought to make an advertisement for it and I heard about so that I searched for it's alternative and found this "", then I signed up and created my campaign as their system stated, but as I know that there an option for refund the money if the the user changed his/her mind, I made a search about this website and found that there is no that big useful from it, so I request to refund my money through a support ticket, 5 days and no response, no even an auto message that show their professionalism,
I submitted my site and said to my self that it is better to use the money instead for waiting until the end of the life and no respond, they accept the site and that proof that they are monitoring the campaign and funds that deposited in their account, so they are hurry when invest money to them, but they will never ever reply to you if you need your money back (most similar site refund in seconds), when I saw that there are so little result from them I cancelled the campaign and opened the new ticket requesting to refund the remains, also like the first one NO RESPOND till today.
The time that I spent for typing this post, is costing me so much so I feel not good when I remembering this issue,

Please read and share to avoid registering in this site" and if any one has a similar story from this site (negative or positive) just write it within this post.

For all : if you need the proof for what I'm sying , I will post it here

Thanks for your time !

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