[WTS] Big Social Community Need to be SOLD ASAP - I can't pay for the hosting
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SNSD is a microblogging community that i established 1 to 2 years back. It all started with a passion and then it slowly grows itself. This community is in the KPOP niche and has gathering thousands of committed members. I listed this community months back but did not get a good offer.
Currently, we have users from worldwide all passionate about entertainment. (Mainly KPOP). Demographics range from teenagers to young adults.

Reason why i am selling?

I am deeply involved in a start up that requires my full commitment. High traffic and might jeopardize the operations of my other site hosted in the same server. I do not want to substain the risk.


The site received great amount of organic traffic. Ranking in first page for a keyword(snsd) with exact 823,000 searches and USD3.443 CPC
I moved server and upgrade the platform a few months ago, forgeting to put in analytics. Therefore, only awstats available.


SNSD cc is built on Sharetronix microblogging platform and it is one of the most successful case studies of good use of the platform. One of the best sharetronix site.


I am not a fan of monetizing a community based site. SNSD cc started with a passion and hobby to gather all similar-minded individuals. With no intention of making $ of it, i did not monetize the site.

What is SNSD?

SNSD can be a community branded name. In korea, it stands for So Nyuh Shi Dae, a very popular girls group sensation that is spreading throughout the globe like wildfire. Their company is SM Entertainment which is one of the biggest entertainment in Korea. SNSD cc platform can be one potential acquisition site. Recently, SME has been making acquisitions on a big scale, buying companies ranging from web to travel.


Kpop is a unsaturated niche for entrepreneurs IMO. There's currently this so called Korean wave in every single part of the world. I am sure that one of your friend is a kpop fan. That's how popular it become.
1) Yahoo main site has a new category called Kpop Wave
2) Google just invited Kpop wave into their headquarters. http://www.allkpop.com/2012/05/watch...google-concert
The big companies are starting to embrace KPOP. This is a sign.


Currently it uses 3GB size in db

For past weeks, we are getting BIG INCREASE in daily users, this prone hostgator to suspend the community unless i moved to a dedicated hosting. I am still a student and have not enough bank balance to support. I AM SELLING THIS COMMUNITY FAST. I MAY CONSIDER ANY OFFERS. This is to prevent my members for getting disappointed. over the years, we have built great friendship over there. THERE IS TRACTION. Personally, i will not be selling the community if i had the cash to support the community online. Please serious buyers only

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