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InvestRQ.com was a neglected site I picked up that I overhauled. I was updating the blog daily up until July 13th when I purchased a very large project that is currently taking up all of my time.
I need to sell some of my smaller sites since I don't have time to update them like they should be.

The site is currently PR 1 which is a good step in the right direction.
There are currently 69 unique published posts.

The site is meant to inform consumers of which electronics are the best investment. This would be a great technology blog that you could update daily with the latest tech news.
I would create an email subscription that users could opt-into, this way you would have an email list you could send CPA offers, or affiliate offers to.
There are plenty of these in the tech field. Also incorporating social media into the blog will also increase its viewer base.

This blog needs a good home, and has the potential to be a very popular tech blog.

Please keep in mind I purchased the site on June 18, 2012.
Last month there was a total of $2 in Adsense earnings.
So far in July there is a total of $1.27 in Adsense earnings.
The owner who had it before was using a content locker which he claimed a revenue of $1 per day. I decided against using a content locker.

Traffic Note:I would be more than happy to allow anyone access to my Analytics profile.

From the time I purchased the site until about a week ago I was receiving a large number of uniques from China. I have no idea where they came from or what keywords they are using to find the site.
This as stopped over the last week which is why you can see the graph got messed up in Analytics.

The site received over 1,400 uniques from the United States last month.

Please note that the large dip in traffic was due to the traffic from China decreasing drastically, the traffic from the United States was not affected as you can see in the second Analytics upload.

$75 Or Best Offer - Paypal Only!
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