Simple HTML template contest, $20 winner and $10 each for runner ups by Paypal
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Hello Everyone,
I am going to try this, and I really don't know how well it will work, but I will pay the winner of the
contest $20 and 3 runner ups $10 each by PayPal. The mission is that there is a computer that has just
been realeased in the last few months, called the Raspberry Pi. Why am I even mentioning this in a DPF contest? Because this computer holds the promise for using it in Digital Signage.

First to the rules of the contest and what I need.
You must make a working web page template that is no larger than 1000px by 650px.

It can advertise anything you would like including your website. (NO PORN) Even though the ad for your website, will not be eligable to win.
What I will do is to put that ad on my page like you
see at:
You may have links to your site on it etc...

Templates that are eligable to win are for the following:
Make fictional (not real) Real Estate companies, or Real Estate Agents. Automotive, boat ads or dealerships,
restaurants, bars, motels, travel agencies, products, etc...

Now the templates cannot include any flash, or video, however, you may put in twitter, rss feeds etc...

The ads will be in rotation in 15 second intervals so they have to be fast loading.
I will post the ads in the format you see at: for everyone to enjoy for at least 2 weeks.
I will announce the winners in a reply to this post.
The contest is on for 48 hours from now, and I will
announce the winners within a couple of hours of the contest ending on who the winners are.

Poster :