Exact Match Domain for KW that gets over 3 MILLION EXACT searches per month
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I'm currently selling NationalLottery.mobi

The keyword [National Lottery] is a beast! 3.3 MILLION exact searches per month on google for [National Lottery]. EMD k/w is most popular in the UK, but there are a TON of great US keywords you could stick in as pages..

Instead of targeting little microfiche EMD's with 720 searches per month, why not aim for a slice of the 3 million piece pie? With this exact match domain? Add some back links, it seems pretty rankable to me. But I'm not an SEO guy - otherwise I would develop this myself. I am a content guy, and that's why I'm throwing in some free premium articles when the auction reaches above $99. Still only $29 now, though, so get your bids in :D.

Yep, under $30 for a domain that over 3 000 000 people are looking for. If you were to buy a bunch of little EMD's to target keywords with 720 searches per month, you'd spend about $40,000 on all those domains and be in for a LOT of work. Or you can grab this ONE domain to get the same traffic potential for literally a sliver of the cost.

That's about 4000 TIMES the traffic potential of a small niche site.

Anyways, PM or post any questions and also check out my listing on Flippa https://flippa.com/2808864-nationall...this-emd-quick Currently it's still under $30.

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