[WTS] Site in a hot niche (iPhone 5), makes $20+/month on autopilot, HUGE POTENTIAL
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I'm selling my iPhone 5 related site www.get-free-iphone5.com. Basically it offers visitors a chance to get a free iPhone 5 once they complete a CPA offer (I'm using Peerfly offers). I have done literally ZERO promoting or backling-building since I created the site last summer but the site has somehow managed to rank naturally on Yahoo and Bing. As a result, it receives around 200 organic visitors per month as of October and has been making steady $20/month since July 2012 completely on auto-pilot.

The site converts extrmely well, with around 40%-50% of the visitors clicking through to the CPA offer. Out of the people who click on the offer, around 20% end up actually converting. So in other words, out of 100 visitors about 10 will fill out the CPA offer which pays $1.40 per email submit. That's $14 per 100 targeted visitors!

As you can see, the site has a HUGE potential to be a gold mine, it just needs much more traffic. Since iPhone 5 came out just recently, NOW is the best time to make money on these type of offers. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to work on the site right now and I also need some cash, that's why I have decided to sell the site.

I'm sure that someone experienced in SEO could get the site to easily rank on the first page in Google and the site would start generating 10x more cash immediately. The domain (www.get-free-iphone-5.com) is ideal for SEO, since it's an exact-match-domain - people who usually search for free iPhone 5 offers usually type "get free iphone 5" into search engines.

Attached you will find screenshots of revenue for the last 4 months and hosting traffic stats. Please ingnore the huge spike in traffic in September, I was experimenting with cheap paid traffic (which did not convert at all...)

If you have any questions or would like to see any other stats please let me know. Unfortunately, I don't use Google Analytics on this site.

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