AA.WebDev.Ltd is a THIEF and a LIAR
from: HTML & Website Design

I know this is the WRONG place to post this...but this is a fair warning.

Takes money, does 30% of the work, says he's done over 50% of the work. He lies and tells me there's a festival in India which apparently lasted about 1 week...so he didn't work, nor did his team members. I paid this man $700+ U.S. money thus far...

He never responded to my emails after this time. I constantly had to ask him to update me on what is going on. I PAID this FOOL to do work and was not mean to him nor was I ever a jerk to him and he just out of the blue, gave me the festival excuse and has not responded since. He completely deserted this project without telling me...he just took my money and ran.

He's not trustworthy. I will warn EVERYONE I know in here by PM and future buyers NOT to do service with this guy. He's a thief.

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