PHP MyVideoBlog plugin cannot grab ***** video from Xvideo, pornhub, hardsextube etc.
from: Programming

Hello, I am using PHP MyVideoBlog PRO V3.2.3 in my wordpress website. I can grab video automatically from youtube after adding Video source. But I cannot grab video fromany ***** video website like xvideo, pornhub, hardsextube etc. These website are all given in their setting option of adding video source. But after I add video source selecting ***** website like xvideo, no single video is grab or updated.

Kindly help me . I do not where is wrong.

When i tried to update after adding source it shows as

[1] Connecting
There is no new videos in this page.
No videos added.
Maybe you already have all the videos from this source. Wait for the source to be updated.

Poster :