[WTS] Unique VoiP Telecom Site - 750$ monthly revenue
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I have a site for sale: TalkDigit.com, an established VoIP Telephony related site.

VoIP is an emerging technology in the world. As more people live away from there homes, VoIP becomes stronger.
This is your opportunity to own your unique brand of VoIP phone services, earn GENEROUS UP FRONT COMMISSIONS.
'VOIP' is one of the HOT micro-niche within the VOIP & Telephony Niche online. According to Google Keyword tool: VOIP is searched 3,350,000 times every month.

The site is run entirely through Wordpress, so it is easy to add new content.

A few stats:

Great, brandable domain name - TalkDigit.com - registered to GoDaddy, expires in June 2013.

865 indexed pages in Google: here


Affiliate Commisions ( ViaTalk and Voipo): 500$/month

Each time you acquire a new customer, you are paid with a $50 commission. Then, for every additional month the customer continues as a subscriber, you are paid the monthly recurring. The ongoing monthly commission varies based on how many total customers you have in your database.

The following is the schedule for monthly recurring commissions. This is paid IN ADDITION TO the initial $50 commission/bounty:

1-20 Customers: $2 per customer

21-100 Customers: $3 per customer

101-500 Customers: $4 per customer

500+ Customers: $5 per customer

Infolinks: 200$/month

Private sales (link, banners, blog posts): 50$

All traffic is organic, no money spent in advertising so you will have visitors constantly.

This business was only marketed online using organic SEO. However, there is untapped potential to grow sales via offline marketing methods, telemarketing, paid advertising and PPC, and every other conceivable marketing channel available.

I have installed numerous Wordpress plugins that make running this site alot easier, and it is SEO'd to avoid duplicate content.

I have worked endless hours in the beginning to add content , build thousands of links to them , write articles and submit articles in tech social networks , tech directories and many other places.

BIN: waiting for a good offer

Good luck!

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