Paypal:Problem with a dispute
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Hello to all.

This is my first post on this forum.

I'm writing becuase i have a problem with my paypal account.
On november the 17 i've received a payment for a paperless ticket that i've selled, not by ebay.
The buyer change his mind and the day before the concert (the ticket was for a concert) send me a message to tell me that he don't want my ticket anymore because he want to be standing and my ticket was seated.. He knows exactly the position of my ticket.

So he start a dispute on paypal telling he don't received the items.
This for me was the first dispute as a seller and i've put on the dispure all the prove to tell the ticket was paperless so i don't have to send nothing to him because was a virtual ticket.

Paypal close the dispute telling the buyer is right and i have to give back the money.
I've asked information about, i've called at the number and they says me that i've confirmed what the buyer says, that i haven't sent items. What i have to sent if the tickets was virtual?????

So now i've the account in red, and i'm under of the price of the ticket.

What i have to do to let them understand that i'm right?? It's not my fault if they don't read what i've written to let them understand why i don't send nothing..

Please help me!

Thanks in advance!

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