[WTB] Contest: Header for website and e-newsletter $30
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Need header for service-disabled veteran-owned website and e-newsletter:

Website: http://vetlikeme.org
Current newsletter is send as PDF. We will be sending digitally when we have new header.

Owner likes what he has (see image), but it needs a designer's touch! Neither he nor I have much money to invest until we get some sponsors so we're looking for help from someone that does great work and is willing to do this for $30.

Contest will last until Monday 6pm ET.

The emblem is the official US Gov SDVOSB emblem so it should remain the same although we need a crisp version. We don't need the publication issue# date, etc... in the header.
I think we may be best off using the same font used in the SDVOSB emblem so it works together.

Poster :