How to get my blog posts indexed
from: Search Engine Optimization

I use Joomla 2.5 and use EasyBlog as my new blogging program.

Recently I decided to start a blog and have done so with total 3 posts so far. My website is pretty popular and gets lots of traffic so I would assume at the very least my blog posts would get indexed by google. I posted a blog post about 4 days ago and I copy n pasted the first 2 sentences and the blog post doesn't even show.

Originally, it had taken a while for my blog to get indexed and same with my other blog posts. Something like several weeks and I hope this is not the same for my newer blog posts. When i make a new page on the website it gets indexed within hours, sometimes minutes.

My blog link is

So any ideas why this is happening? The blog post i'm speaking of is the newest one labeled hemp sensation rash guards now available.

Any ideas how I can get my blog posts indexed quicker and ranked higher?

Poster :