There is no doubt that you are a new investor in the stock market or Forex, you must learning and training on the trading, whether in stocks or currencies, and you can find out for good trading stocks and profit by minute and focus in any company offers its shares for sale note, in this article we will review together what standards and better knowledge of the basics of stock trading. Focus must be based on several criteria and ingredients to choose good stocks and that could check them large profits when share trading. Earnings per share EPS You may need to determine the proportion of the profits of any company would like to buy its shares and comparing companies and choose the best one, the earnings estimate of profit during all easy, and these profits are considered the company’s revenue, excluding taxes and fees and debt. Ratio of stock trading prices to profit P / E ratio This ratio shows the relationship between the current share price and the profit over the full year, for example, that the percentage share profit of 20, this means that the company earn 5 cents for every $ 1 you are invested, this does not necessarily mean that the company buys shares by 5 Maybe cents does not buy or pay any share of the profits at all, where it just goes to show how much you pay to buy the company’s earnings per share. 12671

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