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I have 8 articles related on beauty tips for sale. They passed CS. They will be sold only once. The buyer gets full rights to the articles upon purchase. Once the articles are sent to to the buyer, the "no return, no exchange" policy applies. Thus, no return of articles would be accepted and no refund would be issued.

1. Basic Makeup Tips that Works for Every Woman(547 words)
2. Cost of Sisterlocks(572 words)
3. Curling and Styling Ideas for Sisterlocks(457 words)
4. Dry Scalp While Havng Sisterlocks(470 words)
5. Hair Care for Sisterlocks(613 words)
6. What Caused Itching in Dry Scalp(434 words)
7. When to Shampoo after Sisterlocks(474 words)
8. Skin Care and Nail Care Tips(423 words)

Price for all articles = $17
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