Welcome to my listing! I am a private investor of premium domain names and websites that I am slowly selling off to fund new projects.

I own a perfect domain name to brand a rare and thriving space/astronomy/green living/earth blog and community. Over the past few years green energy and earth have been booming niches due to the currerent environmental crisis.
This is a rare opporunity to own what I think will be one of the biggest and best online communities in the green energy and earth niche.

Domain: The domain was registard in 2009 with Namecheap.com. This valueable and rare "talk" domain is worth thousands alone. Great for branding as well!
I got an offer of $7.5k for the domain about 2 years ago from a private buyer. I rejected thinking to make it into a massive online community.

Logo: Professionally designed logo can be used for all types of banner and print ads. It's clean, effective and people love it!

Website: The domain has a long history of changes along with a great track record of profit. When I first registered the domain it was used for marketing purposes to gain mailing lists and market via email. It was doing about $5,000 per month with CPA and Affiliate sales ads.
After some months I got fed up with mailing, spam filters, inbox ratio success rate, mailing servers etc. The whole process became too time consuming, costly and ineffective with the sources I had at the time.

I then started a marketing method (I will explain without giving the core secrets). It combined online landing pages and offers with direct offline marketing. This came from postal code mail sending and from local city events such as in restaurants, clubs etc.
I have over 2 years of testing methods and ideas! The only down fall of this was my starting advertising costs had to be a little larger than traditional online methods (which I later found a way to eliminate). I had to design the ads, print and then pay to send. So about $1,000 for 5,000-10,000 postal codes.
I also had to do months of testing for each product to see which demographs convert, what type of ads I needed to design and I had to get a lot more clever. I also started the method in clubs and restaurants which converted a couple thousand in dollars per night.

I found a way to eliminate the tough compeition of the world wide web (no need for SEO, no need for banners, no need for PPC, etc.) and convert products! I also found a way to eliminate ALL sending costs of my ads (which will be explained in the marketing method to buyer), so I was sending out advertisements for free basically and got an even better return in doing so.

There was one problem left, I was making money but I had a valueable domain name just sitting on a landing page and I only made money when I sent out ads, so how could I do both online and offline methods at the same time?

The answer is the current website and blog.

I combined my offline direct marketing method with a traditional blog/magazine type site. This way, when I convert products via direct marketing - the buyers won't be lost forever.

The method works like this...
You have a main site with content (used for IM) - You use my detailed marketing plan to market a lander which is also provided by myself which links back to the content site.

I will fully explain the marketing method to buyer of the website.
I will also provide 1 months support to make sure you convert your first few campaigns.
I will provide all landers needed. (2 years research)
I will provide all .psd of print ads to use. (2 years research)

I combine traditional flyer advertising with online affiliate methods and cpa. I have years of testing different ads for different demographs and I know what works. For the first month I will consult with you and come up with a massive and efficient marketing plan along with all landers and prints.

THIS IS NOT TO BE PURCHASED FOR SOMEBODY LOOKING FOR A QUICK MILLION. This is for somebody willing to work, research and be a REAL MARKETER.

Here's the profit run down.
Commission: $25-$250 /sale
Monthly Expenses: Shared Hosting ($10) , Print Ads (depends on how many you send, I spend between $1,000-$2,500 per campaign)
Monthly Revenue: I make between $7,500-$12,500 per campaign (1 campaign per month). Can be increased if you had more print ads or bigger events.

The revenue comes from 2 main sources. Your product and mobile cpa.

January Earnings:

Febuary Earnings:

March Earnings:

Of course the buyers going to want proof of everything, I didn't want to post here so people can steal or try to re-sell my site. I can provide will proof of profits to potential bidders.
I will not explain the marketing strategy fully until the buyer buys, I will not show ads or landers until deal is complete.

I can use Escrow or Bank Wire.

Please PM me with your email address so I can send domain and proof. My BIN is $40,000.