So I been coming to this part of the forums the past few days checking the new site offers being put up. I would like to purchase a site from someone.

I really liked the site being offer by one member here, viral video site (YouTube Embeds) which the user must share the video before they can watch, as I thought it was a neat concept. But I am also willing and open to offers others may have.

People stating AdSense income / earnings is great, but I am no longer permitted to use that service, so I hope the same site can do okay with AdBrite or BidVertiser. Sites with Amazon earnings is a big plus.

Very tight budget at the moment, so hopefully offers I see will have some organic traffic, with at-least some steady traffic a month. GoDaddy pushes are the best and easiest for me.

So if you would like to throw your offer my way, just give me what details you can below about the site your selling.