Yearly Project

I caught onto the fact that Mothers Day ‘20XX’ gains a lot of search volume a while back, so I bought the domains – and decided to whip something up to see if I could make a bit of money. Long story short, I built a small affiliate site with a bunch of categories so people could buy things like flowers, days out, experiences, chocolates, cards & more.

Search volumes in March: 450,000 local exact
Months leading up to it total about 200,00 local exacts

Use both google insights and google keywords to check the data…

Traffic, Earnings & Profit
So in total, I managed to get just fewer than 400,000 visits to the website once in #1 for the keyword “mothers day 2012”. I was also on page 2 for “Mothers day” for a while – with some effort could easily be in the top 5.

I paid just over £7 for the domain and about £40 for SEO needs. I made just over £2,000. This is a mark-up of around 4000% profit.

Anyway, it was a cool little project but I don’t think I’m the right guy for it. It’s not really my niche and I don’t think I maximised it at all, most of the money came from AdSense and I put this down to a poor site, should a great site be there I expect many more sales would be made. A simple 301 re-direct and few links will put the website in #1 ready to get the next years money rolling in.

I’m looking to sell the project as a whole to someone, which secures them this revenue for the next 3 years. It includes:,,, & full access to my analytics data should you wish to use it. Any Takers?

All necessary stats below, message me for further information.

AdSense Earnings - £1,600

Affiliate Window earnings - £400

Traffic Stats (January – March)


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Please reply or PM me any offers.