We have a new innovative ad network that lets people make money from outgoing visitors. There does not exist an equivalent ad network today and so this should be an easy product to sell. We are offering this to readers who can provide us with new website signups.

1. Website should have at least 20,000 pageviews a month as measured by google.com/adplanner
2. PM me the website/emailid you have got signed up on the site and as soon as we confirm it, you stand eligible to the money.
3. All signups you have got to the site shall be accumulated and you shall be paid at the end of the month.

This is how the payment shall be done:

If you get us signed to a website in April and for as long as they continue to use the service, you will keep earning an additional $1 at the end of every month. That's $1 for first month, $2 for second month,etc..up to $12 for the 12th month.

That's up to $78 for every sign up

More details about the site on the signature. Please PM me when you get us a site signed up.