I was wondering how one would go about running a file once it has been downloaded? Let me explain what i have going on here. I have a website that uses a plugin that is not included in the plugin libraries of common web browsers, so a user has to manually download and install the plugin in order to view some of the website content. Right now the site is setup so that if the user does not have the plugin installed a page explaining what the plugin is and why they need it appears with a link to the file on the web server. Whenever a user clicks on the link, they are downloading the plugin to their machine (box pops up that asks if they would like to save the file or cancel) where they have to manually find the file and launch it to install the plugin. What I'm needing to happen is for the file to automatically launch upon download completion so the user does not have to find where their web browser saved the file then click on it to run through the wizard, as most end-users would not go through the hassle of all this and browse away from the site.....I'm guessing there is a fairly simple way to do this? I just haven't run across this situation before :( Any advice is greatly appreciated...Thanks guys!