One of the most popular methods of organizing content these days is to use shortcodes. Specifically I am talking about toggles, menus, buttons, icons, and making images cooler. Some of the sites I have created use themes that have the shortcodes in the template files. I know I can take the time to learn how to make shortcodes from scratch, but I thought it may be possible to just copy the files from a theme that has shortcodes into a theme that does not, and make it work somehow. And the fact that I dont have time to learn right now.

Is this possible? I am sure I am leaving out some details, but I am not sure what details are needed to answer this question. The files I see that are most likely going to be needed are shortcodes.css, and all the files in the /lib/shortcodes folder. I am also certain I will have to input some PHP code into other template files, but again I have no clue where to begin. My thought is probably in the function.php file?

Any help would be greatly appreciate.