eCig blog & Store ( drop shipping ) - $1285+ Profit Last 8 days Paypal / EMD Domain

Reason for Sale:
1) I'm raising money to hire a film director for my Summer media/entertainment project for this Summer. Need to move Now.
2) Price Im asking for site - - > $5,000
- - Price is reasonably figured considering age of site but still, respectful of it's making over $1k per week
3) seller history - I've sold to multiple users on DP since last Year. Users VCize and WebsiteBuyer123 Have both made purchases ranging ~$400-$1500 from me but no feedback unfortunately. I have a flippa I will disclose upon request, over $2k in sales. Largest blog site sold for back in 2010 for higher $xx,xxx

Reason I dont post domain:
1) No competition niche, I dont want to create competition for myself If I don't sell nor create competition for potential buyers. Hopefully this does not come off 'shady' to others but these forums have gotten notorious for cloners

screenshot of my latest buyer feedback from DP member "WebsiteBuyer123"

exact match domain site information:
1) Exact Match Domain for niche ( .net website , also own .org which is rising in search / included in sale )
2) Blog Launched March 7th, 2012
3) Ranked #1 in Google for it's Keyword Niche Currently
4) eCig Blog
5) Keyword gets 9900 EXACT[ searches per month on Google ]
6) Avging 500 vistiors daily, searching for this exact product type
7) CNN has said this product will help save lives recently
8) Profile is a Private WhoIs
9) All Organic Search traffic
10) All White Hat SEO Methods , could use stronger links pointed in
11) Domain has no competition beyond Google advertisers on sidebar which are rebranded and cost 3X my retail ( rebranded product )

Below seen a screen shot of Google Trends last 12 months and Google Keyword Search Stats.
TOP: Google Trends EMD/Domain keyword compared ( blue ) compared to eCig keyword ( red ):
Bottom: Google Adwords Keyword Research tool stats ( broad search and exact search ):

Store / Orders information:
1) Only 1 eCig models listed for sale. I have 3 others I can add
2) Avg Order = $105
3) Product Cost = $40 + 4% paypal fee
4) Avg Profit = $51+
5) Manufacturer Drop Ships Order via DHL, 5 to 7 biz day turnaround ( pay via Paypal or other )
6) Store Launched March 23rd but not fully functioning ( html link error ) unil the 27th

Sales Low/High:

A) Lowest sales day was Saturday $102 profit
B) Highest Sales day was Friday, March 30th $350 profit

Adsense I earned, but decided to remove soon because of google policy:
A) Avg $7-$10 daily on Adsense since #1 on google
B) March Adsense earnings = $66.72

Sales Techniques:
1) I do use 'limited supply' tactics. I countdown the number of eCigs on-sale with each price update. Slowly raising the prices twice per week

Below is a screen shot of paypal sales through March 30th:

Below is a screen shot of paypal sales after March 30th:

Closing Statement:
1) Whoever buys this will profit heavily. Bottom Line.
2) I will make my profit back from entertainment venture, my passion
3) Closest Bid to my $5k , gets to take this project. I'm looking for a fast sale as I need to pay a video editor bill now, as is today/tomorrow.
4) Thanks for Your Time! God Bless.