This letter is the most historic letter of all
that was ever written before the Steve Jobs died.

It is originally dated as " Aug 25th 2011, 9:56 am "
it was written with sumero's innocent, pure, lovely fingers.

At the bottom of this letter you will be provided with a link
to the original post which was on google finance.

--- START ---

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From: Infinity Style Destiny
Date: Aug 25 2011, 9:56 am
Subject: A Sumero Production ( ' An Emotional Letter To Steve Jobs from Sumer_Kolcak . ' )
To: Apple Inc.

Dear Steve Jobs, i would put your poop
on a toilet paper and sniff it, you are that
important to us the AAPL shareholders .

You invented the Apple Inc before i was
even born perhaps, the AAPL stock chart
goes back only all the way to 1982 but
rumors have it , it was formed earlier company wise.

I was born in mid of 1982. so..

I love you so much steve jobs although
you were adopted by americans
( probably kidnapped )...

you still got the jidhadist dna in you as it can
be proven by comparing iMac's background
with Jihad videos with special effects that run

As you can see steve jobs, your company had
more cash than us government , soon as CNN
run a report saying " APPLE HAS CASH" you had
no choice but to resign.

it is very obvious money is indeed the root of
all evil.

Dear steve jobs , what would your true islamic
name be if you were not adopted by american kidnappers?

Ali Riza Hassan ?

Well Hassan, i will always love you, for showing me
the truth , that no matter how much money you have
no matter how much you help the world no matter
how much you help america..

in the end they throw you into garbage like you're nobody.

Dear Steve Jobs although i am straight and
you are rich would i lick your balls for $1million dollars?


i have high standards.

- Sumero Kolcako

--- END ----


- Sumer Kolcak