I am not sure how other members have experience with this issue. But, recently I bought several sites and domains on DP from wonderful sellers and paid each seller almost within minutes after they sent me their payment information. Fortunately, all my transactions were smooth and I received 100% Positive feedback as well.

But, today I noticed that my feedback score shows 4-Unpaid ratings in RED. This is raising red flags for other members who I want to trade with. It is not possible that I 'did not pay' 4 users after committing to pay them. I think this must be due to some sort of bug in the system because I paid every user when they gave me their payment information unless they accepted instant paypal payments. Do I deserve to have a 4-Unpaid rating in Red under my history?

Please if the administration could clarify why and how I can avoid getting 'Unpaid' rating scores under my feedback history. Can the admin check my feedback and remove these unpaid ratings from my history because I paid every seller and had no issues with any of them so far.

Thanks a lot.