We are looking for a reliable, on time, and copyscape, not spun. writer to do rewrites for us in bulk. Again if you don't like what we are paying you don't have to respond but we have happily employed a great number of people that have moved up through our company. So, if you have a team, great, if your by yourself, that is fine as well.

1.) Please have skype to communicate with
2.) You have to make deadlines
3.) You need to write in LSI Format and use keywords properly as its important in SEO.We will give you instructions if you don't know what that pertains too.
4.) If the pay is not for you then you don't have to post in the thread telling us how much you don't want the job.

For bulk we need 150+ rewrites in a month, we are paying $2.50 presently.

Pm me your sample work and then we can chat further. Hope to hear from you soon.