I am selling off my sites

i have a ptc site on MRV5.7 script (just been updated)
hosting is with CPM (they update the script free if you keep hosted with them for $5 per month)

custom design
72 members
small income from adhitz ads (less than a dollar so far)
site hasn't really been promoted much as due to a change in circumstances i haven't been able to concentrate on anything
let alone my sites, so really need to let them go to new owners who can spend the time.

this is a fairly new site, almost 2 months old so i am not claiming any traffic or income hence the price


MRV 5.7.3 offers all the features listed below

New - Implemented New Currency Options - USD, GBP and Euro for sales and payouts (site-wide).

New - Implemented PayPal Verification - Can click on the user PayPal account name in 'Requests' (Admin) and link directly to PayPal's Verification facility (Must be logged into your PP account).

New - Replaced/streamlined Cron Jobs - Now only 2 required instead of previous 6.

New - Users can no longer click on their own ads.

Fixed - incorrect filename in template/layout.php (sexy-captcha file reference).

Fixed - quantity of 'Buys' not displaying in Admin Area 'Specials'.

Fixed - purging of ALL ad types when using 'Purge Ads' in 'Paid to Click' Manager.

Clarified - some comments in Admin>Settings>Site Settings

Fixed - Various other typos and minor bug fixes.

New - Implemented Changelog.

New - Created comprehensive Install and Upgrade Readme files.

Fix - Display of Currency Symbols to match Site Currency Settings in Timer Bar.

Fix - Re-added payment processor options (Perfect Money, Routepay and OKPay) that were removed from v5.7.

Fix - Adjust Timer Bar display vertical spacing to allow correct display of Cheat Check and other images/wording.

Fix - Correct Timer Bar HTML to improve display on WebTV and other browsers - Rotating Banners were obscuring Timer and Turing Symbols (timer.css, timer.php and timer2.php).

Fix - Removed hard-coded '$' symbol from "Site Stats" displayed in left-hand side column of default template (layout_header.php) - is now dynamic and will change automatically if overall site currency is changed (USD, GBP or EUR).

Fixed/Added - Incorrectly displayed currency symbols and added others that were missing.

Removed - obsolete Cron Password setting from "Site Settings" and removed from settings.php for new installs (can be removed manually from settings.php for existing sites).

Added - Changelog link to Admin header and created 'changelog.php' page.

Modified - "Back To (site_name)" link in Admin, to open in new tab/window.

Modified - Default Template (layout.php) to open 'Admin' link in new tab/window.

Updated/Clarified - Readme files, created Upgrade Readme for Pre MRV5 version and Patch Readme (in Patch zip archive only).

Updated - Admin Panel headers and Version.txt to reflect new minor version revision.

Updated - Changelog

New image secure bar
e-Mail on pending ad approval
Admin approve feat ads
Admin approve feat banners
Admin approve banners
Decline approval reason on all ads
Buy percentage added
BOGO mod installed
Repaired purge ads for deletion of ads with - balance
Added purge click exchange ads
Re-added banners showing in banner admin
Banner view and purge to feature banners page
Jjoin bonus mod to members settings
E-Mail on new ref
Leader board and ref contest reset
Account pin system for cashouts @ email change
Account pin reset system
User optin to recieve email on new ref
User account section redesigned
Ajax style captcha for easier use by users
Banners in click ads now clickable
New lottery layout
Withdraw fee fixed
Banner area in profile of users can be sold as static banner or used by admin
Auction center for ptc credits and ptr credits added
Integrated froum added with link in profile page
Forum on and off setting added
Admin message to all users can select all members, upgraded members or free members
Message notice on my account page
User ip and host info to show on login page
Terms control and edit added to admin
IP checker to pending payouts section
User warnings
News is now editable and easy to correct