Relisted as last buyer that bid Reserve is not replying.

I do not have time for this website as i need fund and have more sites i need to take care of, and i have no idea how to promote a script for sale.

For sale is
What this script dos.


Create your very own Website Of The Day with this great script , Make money by selling featured listings, banner ads and adsense, create as many categorys as you wish or focus on one niche like Arcade Of The Day, Proxy Site Of The Day, Joke Site Of The Day or what every you wish to make.

* Easy To Configure
* Add/Delete/Edit Categorys
* Approve or Deny Submited Sites
* Add/Delete/Edit Aporved Sites
* Configurable Price To Charge For Featured & Banners
* Adminstrator Backend
* Sell Featured Listings In Each Categorys
* Sell Banner Ads
* Easy to install and set up within 5mins
* Easy To Integrate Into other Templates

The new owner will have full rights to the script.
I will give the new owner the coders details so you can carry on with adding new features or edits, ect.
There is 3 scripts that come with the sale with full rights to the new owner.
v1 what i was plaining to give away as a free download what i have not done, v1 dos not have many features and is limited to one website to show a day.
v2 is the one that comes with all the features above and can have as many categorys as you want to show a website every day, and feature listings and banners ect.
There is also anther script that is the same as v2 that is what im selling on the site , but i made a few includes in the script to be able to add title , ads, meta, and a few more settings without having to edit each theme file, you only need to edit a few files.

With somone that knows how to promote this kinda thing you can make some nice profit.
Sales page for the script can be seen @

The website ranks 1st and 2nd in google,cf.osb&cad=b

This would be great for somone that already has a website to sell scripts or for somone looking to get into this kinda bussines.

Bin has been lowerd , been to sell this , just do not have time for it.

Willing to take offers too.

Any qestions please ask