What is common between gladiators, the Roman empire and an American television network (Starz)? It's the hit TV series Spartacus that first aired in January 2010. The producers predicted its huge success and the show was renewed for a second season even before its pilot episode aired! And they were true with their predictions!

Spartacus: Blood and Sand was a record breaker. After a short delay and a 6-part miniseries ("Gods of the Arena") to fill the gap, the new season titled Spartacus: Vengeance premiered on January 27, 2012. The season recently concluded and the demand for information around the recent episodes is huge. And it comes as no surprise - Spartacus was renewed for a fourth season before the third one started. January 2013 will have even more demand, I predict.

Since I am dealing with a lot of projects at the moment and I am arranging my long-term career plans, I am looking for a deserving new owner of the money-making website, dedicated to the Spartacus TV series.

The site is well optimized for search engines and has content written on almost every long-tail keyword related to Spartacus and the TV show. I have created a few dozens of linkwheels with at least 100 words of quality, targeted content on each. Web 2.0 profile backlinks have been created as well. As for onsite SEO - all necessary plugins to improve crawling and rankings have been installed - Platinum SEO, Google XML. There is a caching plugin to speed up page loading, which is essential for ranking high in Google. I have also installed a plugin that will translate the content into 4 different languages (Spanish, Romania, Norwegian, Turkish), making the site attractive to visitors from all these countries and ranking the site for Spartacus related keywords in local searches.

Currently, the site dominates most long-tail keywords related to Spartacus. 87% of the site's traffic comes from search engines. A general traffic screenshot can be seen here. More detailed stats are available upon request. Note the growth in the past 2 months (without counting the very last month, because it only started 4 days ago).

Since its start, the site made solid earnings with AdSense. You can see a screenshot of these earnings, week by week, by clicking here. On December 15, 2011, AdSense contacted me to let me know that their ads can not be run on the website anymore, because there is not enough information for them to display relevant ads. The new buyer can choose to move the site to a new domain and place his own AdSense ads or increase the amount of content on the site and request reconsideration by the AdSense support. Either way, you are not required to profit solely from AdSense as you can see later on.

After this I decided to try other ad networks and monetization methods. I have tried a content locking company which proved to be profitable, but not profitable enough for me to sacrifice visitors' user experience (who wants to fill annoying surveys?). You can see the screenshot of this test period here.

I have been using Graboid Affiliate links ever since (they are not obtrusive and are actually useful) and I've made over $20 already. Screenshot here.

Bottom Line
Although I want to sell this site, because I can't give it the dedication and promotional effort it deserves, I will not sell it for an undervalued price. If I don't get a desirable enough bid I will just keep the site and keep developing it in my free time. Worst case scenario, I can leave it to die and I will still make more money until the visitors fade off than I will make with this sale. However, I don't like to see a well-developed, well-ranking website with huge potential to go to waste, so I would like to officially invite you to the auction for the website Spartacus3.info.

After the Sale
I only want serious buyers. If you fail to contact me within 48 hours of winning the auction I will consider that you backed out of the deal and I will be forced to leave negative iTrader on your DP profile. On the other hand, if everything goes smoothly, I will let the community know that you are a reliable client and I will be happy to do more business with you in the future.

I accept Paypal or Moneybookers (Skrill) payments only. Website files/database backup will be sent to an email of choice of the buyer and the domain will be pushed to his/her account as well. It was renewed only 2 months ago, so you don't have to worry about this soon.

Happy bidding!