We run a top coding / programming forum which receives over 3 million visitors per month.

I am looking for people with programming knowledge who can join the forum and answer people's questions e.g their programming problems, how to improve their site, any questions really related to programming.

You will be paid per 500 posts / answers.

If not answering a post directly you can contribute to a thread conversation. Please note we are NOT looking for a spammer just to boost your post rating and this will be checked using the statistics column of 'see all posts'. If any foul-play is detected the contract will be terminated immediately - we will be looking at the posts you have replied to. This job must be done honestly and we have sophisticated ways of verifying this. Only one account will be allowed to be used.

We would also hope to work with you in the long-term and could potentially make you a moderator and help in the running of the forum etc.

Please bid your best price per 500 posts / answers - the 500 posts should be per week. If you can do this quicker please say - please say what you are able to offer us too. We are only going to chose 1 person so the more competitive your bid the better - the more time you have to do this - the better - the more you enjoy this sort of stuff the better.

You should potentially enjoy helping others and also enjoy solving programming issues too - otherwise this job is not ideally for you.

The job will start ASAP.