I've been thinking and I've decided to help expand my horizons I would like to offer forum posting to either kickstart your forum, help boost activity on a slow forum, or just provide a bit of quality content.

As such here is my offer;
Each post will be no less than 50 words.
If signature links are available you can choose my signature link.
I will most likely provide a few bonus posts which will be under 50 words.
At least 10% of my posts will be new threads.
ALL posts in existing threads will be on topic.
ALL new threads will be in the correct forum and related to your content.

30 posts for $5
This will give you no less than 1500 words of content on your forum.
If you are not satisfied I will replace the offending posts, however I would be very surprised if this will ever happen.
Feel free to take a look at my past posts on here to get an idea of the value I add to a thread.
Please ask here or PM me your forum so I can ensure that I have the knowledge or ability to learn to post quality content.