A unique name I came up with a while back for a small project. As of now it is ran on Wordpress, BuddyPress, BuddyPress Forums (or whatever it is called), and CubePoints. The name was suppose to be patriotic in some sense. No real active members, and the most active one 'WHO USE' to post, is from India.

Could see it still going in the same path as a community / forum type site, but this sale is for the domain name only. If you want the other stuff you can keep it, but I am sure someone else could possibly take this domain in a better path.

If deciding to still take this one on it's path of a community / forum type site. Just after the sale let me know, and if you don't mind and would like. I will end up remaining a active member for some time.

I am still new to selling here so please forgive a few things. Mainly the 'Buy It Now' price, as I was reading 'How to sell a domain here' and it suggested setting it.

BIN : $50

Free PUSH via GoDaddy. Expires 11/29/2012

P.S. I was suprised myself when I entered the data here, and it told me the stats. 6670180 Alexa Rank, 8 back links, and a Page Rank of 2.