The site offers sports picks and predictions from pro sports handicappers and tout services. Site has a great keyword rich (.com) domain name registered at Godaddy. It is an interesting angle into the sports betting niche as many online players follow these name brand handicappers. The site is built on wordpress so it is very easy to update and add content to. I will supply buyer with all information and source for daily picks so you can keep site updated. Site takes only 5-10 minutes to update.

There has been some back link and seo work done and site has been PR-2 rank over last two updates with potential to move forward PR wise as site continues to age. But someone with better seo knowledge could def improve the site in this area.

Traffic: Analytics screen shot for last six months.

Content:Although the site does not have a ton of unique content it maintains a consistent gambling rich traffic stream because it provides searched for information in forms of picks and predictions. Typically the majority of traffic locating site has a direct gambling interest. You could easily add some sub pages of unique content focusing on affiliates etc now that site is well established and continue to grow it content wise.


Adsense: (site is 100% adsense safe) Screen shot of adsense earnings for last six months and with google openings up to now allow gambling adds it should continue to grow:

Text Links: The site currently has approx $125 worth of links all coming up for renewal this year, site has no permanent links. I was very modest price wise for link sales and im sure you could easily go up 50% or more price wise and still maintain majority of link spots and additional listing as well. (i will supply buyer with contact info for current links) With current links renewed and just 4-5 more added you would make your invest into site back within the year on just link sales.

Blog Post:Site offers a great opportunity for blog post sales , i solid a few of these with ease but i was again very modest in my pricing ranging from $20-$30 per post. Seeing listing for other sites in same PR range i know a higher price per post can be asked. But even at my rate 10 post and you have made you investment into the site back on this area also.

Affiliate Sales:I have not tried the sports affiliate side of things but the site def has potential because of its make up to be a very consistent affiliate producer if that is the are you prefer to monetize in.

With the various earning streams the site offers it will continue to be a money maker as long as it is kept up to date !

Any questions please feel free to ask or PM me ! Free domain push to your godaddy account and files and database will be emailed to winner.