I'm from New Jersey, USA.
I am seeking a Unique Marketing Associate, resident of any country, whom I will share 30% of all the future income from sales after I will launch my daily sports betting picks (tips) service.
I'm looking for clients from the USA, Canada, UK, other Western European Countries, Australia, Japan, South Africa or India,.

The target market niche are people interested in sports betting, people interested in genuine opportunities to make income online, people interested in online investments.

How the service is functioning:
Paying members will receive by email daily, until previously established time limits, a number of sports betting picks (tips) and the exact amount (expressed in units) for which each pick is valid for from the total bankroll (amount available in a bookmaker account for each individual), as well the exact beginning time of each respective sports match.
With these information the paying members will bet accordingly each pick in their sports-book accounts (there are tens of reliable international online bookmakers available).

This would be great for someone with a good quality email list, but of course you can use other marketing methods too.
Even if potential clients have no idea about the sports betting subject, I can teach them very quick what to do, because everything is a very simple and straight forward process.

I know a method through which my future Marketing Associate will know for sure at all times the total number of sales, so he (she) can be sure at any time that I will not cheat him (her)..

At the planned $150 membership fee per month (or $44 per week) for my service this could be approx. $12,700 for the Unique Marketing Associate, each and every month, if can get 300 subscribers.
The maximum number of members (subscribers) I would allow at any time will be be 400, this because I do not want to over-sell.

My sports picks system and money management is rock solid, fully proven and demonstrated online last year in MLB (baseball), in 150 days of picks. I will also continue in NBA (basketball) this year, so it will be year long action.
On average per month I am making an increase of over 48% on the initial investment. (This is pure profit, not ROI.)

You can expect that very few customers will drop out if they sign up initially as paid members, which means you need to get them just once, but practically you, as my Unique Marketing Associate will get 30% from their membership fees every month.

Full Details are here:

Please take your time to analyze this JV offer with all it's aspects, also to check all the available proof and data about my picks and system, so you can be sure that everything I said is true.
Will be well worth your time, the income potential here is huge!

If this is not for you, maybe you know someone, a friend or an associate / former associate you worked with who may be interested?
Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,