I have a website by the name infonary. infonary is a site that is based on alltop and popurls with the addition of a search feature that searches news.

Alltop, popurls and samachar.com are all displaying adsense, however adsense was blocked on my domain. The reason that they told was copyright infringment.

I just want members to have a look at all the mentioned sites (http://alltop.com, http://popurls.com, http://infonary.com and http://samachar.com) and please let me know what have done so as to get the adsense team to disable just infonary.com. And I am sure there has to be something wrong with my site that is not wrong with the others. Need Help.

Infonary is a news mashup and it displays content only from rss feeds of other websites.There is no other way we pull up any content. Moreover, any content that is pulled is not stored anywhere on our website.

Thanks and Regards
Dheeraj Singh