Hi Guys,

My partner And I just built a nice site with a PREMIUM Keyword.

Keyword is : how much is an ipad and this keyword got : 6600 global and 4400 exact.

-Are we monetizing it? Nope.
- Why are we selling it? It's just our business model. We got access to a big bank of premium keywords, so we build sites and flip them for fast cash.
-How about the money I could make? Well, there are several money making stategies that you could use on that gem for sure. :

1) Using google adsense ( with 1$+ cpc, thats a safe way to get a nice passive income)
2) CPA offers ( The traffic is litterally HUNGRY to get an Ipad. A free Ipad offer could make a killing on that site! )
3) Create a free report and content lock it ( create a free report about how you got that new ipad 3 for 250$, you get the picture)
4) Amazon products ( all the ipad related products sell greatly on Amazon)

To help you rank the site, we will offer 125 manual bookmark to the winner of the auction. As we speack, the site is ranking 7th for its main keyword and there is now way that this site cant rank top 3 for its main keyword.

In addition to that, we will build you a nice list of easy longtail keywords, so you can bring a nice authority in your niche by adding fresh content everyday!

So, with the main keyword + the longtails well ranked, I have no doubt that this site could make an easy 400$ monthly. AND guess whats the best part of it? EASY COMPETITION !

You Guys Got It.